Monday, July 30, 2012

Diēs CCCXXXIII: I just want you to know who I am.

I got up at leisure this morrow and grabbed coffee with my siblings Kenneson, Nizar, and yes, Priya, at Starbucks to debrief about Convention and mourn the fact that Priya wouldn't be playing in this morn's finals. Full of java chip frappuccino, we dragged our feet to the theater to watch the intermediate and upper level finals. After two stressful matches, each of our teams placed third in the national championship. A particularly emotional moment came when each of the upper level players "dedicated" their round to one of the novice team members. Erika spoke into the mic: "I'm Erika Weiskopf from Virginia and I'm playing for Priya."

After the nail-biting excitement of these rounds, my mind was hungry for some meditation, which I enjoyed for a few hours before changing into my "stola" to match my soror, dressing my sister, and setting out for the Roman procession. As the Virginia delegation cheered away, our "Chang family" had an organic photoshoot outside Wait Chapel, courtesy of Ms. Graham.

We then joined our delegation for the last General Assembly, where we were thrilled to discover that Virginia won the spirit competition! After the national officers' farewell speeches, Kenneson and I slipped out and had our dinner before I headed back to Green Hall one last time to participate in the World Series of Certamen. Our team, named Asian-Asian-Asian-Gaul, consisted of Ms. Graham, Mr. Chang, Woojin, and me. My teammates and our moderators made for a very jovial experience, and I just got through with watching finals, in which both Ms. Hattemer and Mr. Williams were competing. I'm off to check out the last dance!

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