Día 310: "Life is now!"

Today was just inspiring.

I spent the day with Natalia Gomez and her five dogs at her country home in Sopó.

Natalia is living her 18-year-old self's dream of working in Bogotá during the week and resting, truly resting, in the countryside over the weekends. It took her a number of twists and turns to arrive at where she is, but now she's there all the time.

Our halts during the drive included rest stops solely for the purpose of buying baked goods. I knew I was going to appreciate this day as soon as it started.

Natalia told me about her house as we drove through La Calera, and her description of it is pure poetry. It was the first house ever designed by her niece, and is built just for Natalia. The place is beauty, with the ground floor serving as an independent lounge for her three children, the middle floor an open kitchen and den, and a slightly elevated and entirely open loft making up her bedroom. It's hard to picture the magnificently positive inside without being there.

The place is like meditation in itself. Natalia proudly gave me the grand tour as I gaped in awe at the modern design and elating feel of the place. The house is blue to match the mountains.

We peeled ourselves from this peace and ventured on to Zipaquirá to visit the "must-see" Catedral de Sal, an underground Catholic sanctuary located inside a salt mine.

My "Colombian Mama" and I zipped through the site before devouring our mora ice cream and returning to the farmhouse, where we hung out briefly with some horses.

Then, Natalia magically prepared a delicious meal for me, forcing me to lay in the sun and rest as she cooked, and not even allowing me to pretend to help.

I was sad to have to leave in the evening, but what breathtaking surroundings in which to have spent a day of one's life.

Natalia drove me all the way back home to Bogotá, intending to make the one-hour drive back to Sopó tonight itself. She was happy to have me as her "daughter for the day," and I was more than happy to be the same.

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