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A Semester Summary

I can’t get over how good my first semester at college has been. Not a thing is missing from the way I had pictured the experience, or from what the experience could be. It is everything. From where I live to what I learn, I have loved it all.

First of all, my balance of classes couldn’t have been better. Deciding to take only one humanities class this semester was a really interesting examination of what is important to me -- I found that I really enjoy exploring disciplines that tickle my brain with challenge, while still being able to run to the Latin classroom for reminders of my intellectual ability. 
I fell in love with evolutionary biology. I’ve written essays on my love for nature but this semester’s bio class has given me a renewed awe and appreciation for the natural world and its magical life forms. The class also heightened my appreciation for the support system I have in place at school -- an almost-failed first exam made me reach out to every academic advisor around until …

Naturally Nizar

I kicked off the holiday season with two of my favorite boys last night, enjoying the opportunity to hear Naturally Sharp, Nizar's VTech a cappella group, sing Christmas carols in different parts of Reston Town Center. Patrick and I shivered in the cold as the Ho-Ho-Hokies sang by the big ol' tree in Fountain Square, warmed up during their performance at Clyde's, and grinned as they serenaded skaters at the ice rink. The group sang a set of Christmas songs and then exploded into some Natty classics -- spanning from Backstreet Boys to Disney. It was so great to see in person this group I've heard so much about from Niz! And wonderful, of course, to kick off winter break with my varlets.

A Wonderful Weekend

This weekend has been amazingly enjoyable and serene and I want to fight off the drowsiness effected by endless cold meds for a few minutes to write about it.

The end of the week started in grand style, with the fall "jam" of my a cappella group, The Harvard Opportunes -- this is our biggest performance of the semester. I had been feeling under the weather earlier in the day, but am proud to report that this was the most high-energy (and energizing) performance I've ever been a part of. (Videos will be up soon!) What made the night extra special was the plethora of people who came to see me! Almost all of my friends and advisors here on campus were able to come, and there's nothing like performing for an audience you love. Papa even flew up from Virginia to watch my show!

After our awesome gig, we retreated to one Opportune's room to celebrate our success and spend time with former members of the group. It was great to see everyone so excited after our show, and…