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The Quintessential Summer

This summer has been hands-down the best one I can remember, and I don't say that every year. It serendipitously contained the best balance of home and school, family and friends, play and work, food and fitness, and music and silence I could have designed, had I tried. Resisting the ever-present seduction of travel for a more familiar experience wasn't a simple decision to make, but I couldn't be more glad I decided to look at the people and places I'm used to through a new set of lenses as the days grew longer this time around.

I started June off at home, working remotely on a research project for the Environmental Defense Fund, which really meant following Priya to work on Capitol Hill a couple times a week to ogle at my tenacious sister from any sketchy Starbucks I could find with wifi to sustain me as long as my attention span decided to last on a given day. We gymmed together daily, which I didn't realize would become one of my favorite memories until I misse…

Happy 20th, Preeti!

Good moooooooorning, Preeti!

Today is a very special day!

I hope it's a magical one, and you enjoy it immensely with your inspiring siblings in uplifting Glastonbury!

I also hope all your wishes come true and you get to consume lots of colorful cupcakes.

I know one of your wishes was always to make an appearance on my ecstatic blog, so I thought I'd make that one come true at least.

I hope your trip to Peru was mesmerizing and today is fantastic, and I can't wait to see you back up here where we receive our wonderful education.

Love you, little sis!