The New S&S

Dear readers,

As you may know, since last spring, I've been an intern with Sense & Sustainability, a blog and podcast which offers "fresh perspectives on sustainable development." The goal of the site is to make cutting-edge research on all things sustainable accessible to communities of students, activists, scholars and generally interested readers across the internet.

We've been hard at work this summer reimagining and redesigning the site -- the new S&S has the same goal, and now features a number of new ways for users to receive and interact with news and knowledge. Some of these include:
  • A new layout that makes it easier to find the content you’re looking for;
  • Reorganized content themes that better align with rapidly evolving sustainability issues;
  • A new S&S “News Digest,” which attempts to keep you up to speed with the stories we’re covering on the site;
  • New in-depth “Issue Series,” published periodically and focused around a particular sustainability theme. Stay tuned for more information!
In addition, readers can now stay in the sustainability loop by subscribing to a comprehensive email digest featuring S&S research as well as weekly world news!

I am very excited about the improvements we've been working on, and now it's your turn to explore the new Sense & Sustainability. I would greatly appreciate hearing what you think -- so read, listen, comment, follow, and share!

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