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Hibernating in Hindustan

I return to Harvard for my sixth semester completely refreshed and rejuvenated after a month spent in India with my dear extended family. 
My goals for this period were to “spend time with my grandparents,” “do nothing,” and “think.” Despite their very modest nature, there was indeed a (quite long!) phase during which I felt uneasy that either a) I was not accomplishing these objectives successfully, or b) these were not the “right” goals to have for a winter break, or c) both. But I can say based especially on my last few weeks traveling that there could have been no better way to reset my consciousness and get ready for the grind of junior spring.
When asked what my favorite things about India are, I usually say the air and the birds. Both are distinctly different from those in the US. After this winter’s visit, I would like to add the fruits and the streets of India to this list. There is a kind of weird, probably pretentious calm that overcomes me on long (between two- and six-hour)…

Resolutions for the day

1. Be less scared when I sing
2. Kiss my friends' foreheads more often
3. Write more genuine papers
4. Don't shy away from pain
5. Don't shy away from pleasure
6. Cherish uneventful days
7. Wear less makeup
8. Take the T more often
9. Go to tea more often
10. Never forget about words
11. Harbor less hatred for numbers
12. Abandon consistency as a rule
13. Don't be tired