What's next?

Many of you may be wondering where I'm headed next, now that this happened:

Graduation was a blur, but a very beautiful one that filled me with a lot of gratitude. It was especially special to have my Nani and Nanaji here from India for the special day, and campus was appropriately celebratory and sentimental for the last few weeks we were there.

I spent a satisfying and relaxing chunk of time after graduation at home in Virginia, decompressing, going on lots of runs, and gearing up for my next phase! I was lucky to be able to see many people who have been instrumental in Priya's and my success and happiness while at home.

I'm now in New York, living in Union Square with my good friend Bianca and commuting to Bryant Park daily, for a summer internship with Living Cities, a non-profit that works on urban economic development here in the United States. I'm a part of the Collective Impact team, who promote solutions that harness the power of both the public and the private sectors to solve the country's most challenging urban poverty issues.

My mornings and afternoons are filled with learning, and my evenings are full of writing and exploring. More than ever, my gap year mindset of taking things one moment at a time is serving me well. 

For now, I'm just happy to be here.