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A Conversation with Suparna Gupta, Founder of Aangan India

Last January, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel at the annual Harvard US-India Initiative conference about the Indian juvenile justice system and the Juvenile Justice Act of 2009. The panel featured some human rights rockstars, including Harvard Law School Professor Jacqueline Bhabha and the Founder and Director of Aangan India, Mrs. Suparna Gupta.

Our conversation last winter went by way too quickly, and I've since been eager to pick both of their brains further about this topic near and dear to my heart. Having just touched down in India last week, I was lucky enough to be able to meet with Suparna Gupta to learn more about Aangan and their systemic approach to child protection.

A number of themes stood out to me in our conversation, particularly as areas that we at Living Cities are trying to figure out in the context of job creation in U.S. cities. Connections across sectors and disciplines whirred through my mind as Suparna compared their work and ours, cutting across…