HarvarDay 56: Today was a fairytale.

Although I totally knew it wouldn't be feasible for me to blog daily from college, it really pains me that I can't. I am loving my time here. Loving it. And I truly wish I could share it with you all everyday. But although I can't write daily, I thought I'd check in today to describe what's been one of my best days here so far.

The day started with breakfast with Kirin Gupta, my Indian gap year-taking twin on campus. We got to exchange notes on the "first year of college after gap year" phenomenon, as well as exchange both general notes on our academic interests and expressions of our undying love for one another. Always a great way to start the day.

On the way back to my dorm, I purchased some organic kiwis as a birthday present for my kiwi-loving roommate Eliza Chang! I arrayed these on her desk before walking down to the river in today's 70s and cloudless weather.

Taking place today was the Head of the Charles Regatta, the world's largest two-day rowing event, which takes place right here at Harvard every year. The sun and the crowds and the energy were amazing.

I retreated from the race to a nearby cafe to begin my research project on Sustainable Cities!

This is a report I'll be writing for my freshman seminar (Public Policy Approaches to Global Climate Change) and I couldn't be more excited! Reading about urbanization and urban innovation in the midst of such energizing surroundings was perhaps my favorite part of the day.

Scratch that. My favorite part of the day was what came next! The Harvard Opportunes, my amaaazing a cappella group and second family here on campus, performed at the wedding of Dan and David at the Harvard Faculty Club this afternoon, and the gig was incredible. The wedding was moved outdoors because of today's spectacular weather, and we sang beautifully (if I do say so myself) as we glistened in the autumn sun. Yeah!

Pumped after our performance, I strolled (more like speedwalked) to Currier House with my Opportunes sister Reid to collect a USB drive filled with portraits she took of me for the group's website. On the way, we discussed our respective prospective concentrations (majors), what it feels like to fail a class (oops), and the story of Reid's acceptance to Harvard (which is moving and adorable).

Walking back from the quad, I called Mama and described my day to her with breathless excitement, and received a request to blog about it. So, here it is, and I'm off now to have dinner with one of my best friends before watching another one perform in The House of Yes.

Work can wait -- life is great.