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Junior Fall

I do my thinking on airplanes. This weekend's set of flights was from Boston all the way to India, where I'll be spending my month of winter break, after a fall that was everything that a semester of college should be.

This term was challenging and confusing at first in the "where are my studies taking me and what do I want to get out of college?" department, and ultimately stimulating, exciting, and fulfilling all around. I think I grappled with a number of questions that can be excruciating in the moment (viz. "what should I do with my life?") but that are so wonderful to have the luxury of asking, with the support of such interested and insightful mentors and friends.

These questions led me to throw myself this semester into those activities that I don't question have always given me life -- three stand out in particular:

1. Performing

The fall was particularly generous in bestowing solo/duo performance opportunities around campus, and I got to make…