Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diēs CCCXXIX: "Travel, if only in your mind."

I got up pretty late this morning by Convention standards, and meditated for a few minutes before doing some yoga and starting my day at beautiful Wake Forest.

After an oatmeal-and-coffee breakfast with my siblings, Nizar and I headed to intermediate Certamen practice to train with the team. We enjoyed a fun few hours with Ms. Graham and the players before lunch. Then came time for the first General Assembly of the year.

GA is a time for creeds to be spoken, songs to be sung, announcements to be made, and awards to be presented. The one and only Mr. Kim led today's long and ever-so-exciting assembly, which was followed by a meeting for the chaperones and sponsors, which revealed to me some of the sweat and tears that go into the making of this magical convention.

It seemed absurd to eat dinner at 4:30, but that is what it took to be fed and ready for my first duty as a member of the Senior Classical League -- proctoring a test session!

I currently sit in a sea of scantrons and students with interesting questions and sounding cell phones. I wanted to get this post out before attending tonight's orientation for World Series of Certamen -- a competition open to old students and teachers alike! Mr. Chang and I will be playing on a team together, fortasse with Mr. Andino and Ms. Graham. Reliving the (semi-)glory days here!

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