Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 325: "The world belongs to you guys."

Priya tore me out of bed this morning to help rinse the Kool-Aid from her hair, but was dismayed to find that her hair was as un-purple as ever!

We trudged around for a walk (and Latin talk) for a while before we were both winded and I came in to wash up and prepare for a Latin lesson for a special kid!

Alex Smith is a friend of mine and an awesome Latin student. He's been at a lacrosse camp for the last four weeks, and understandably forgotten a bit of Latin. We reviewed conjugations and declensions by making sentences and fun of Priya.

I had grand plans to work out this afternoon, but my body would have none of it. Priya and I passed out for two hours, before I got dolled up for three people who wouldn't mind if I was dolled up or not.

I met with my varlets and sister in Reston Town Center and we argued extensively over what to eat, before we settled on Cosi for me and Potbelly for the others (not really a settlement).

Our dinner soon turned into Laura and I gossiping and giggling as Nizar and Patrick had bro talk time. An interesting event of the evening was being swindled by some vague and sketchy boys performing "magic" for us (and tricking Patrick out of some loose change).

After dinner and dessert, Laura and I got to have coffee with Patrick's mom Mrs. Flather and her friend from high school, gushing about our gap year and sharing some of our anxieties for college -- these lovely ladies gave us some nice advice and inspiration!

I sit in the car speeding home, and looking forward to studying with the Peach and making spreadsheets with Laura!

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