Saturday, July 28, 2012

Diēs CCCXXXI: "Isn't she magical?"

This morning, I woke to the happy news of the arrival of two of my favorite friends -- Velchik and Kenneson! This in itself made the day much brighter, and, having lunched, we headed to the first novice certamen round of the day.

This match was spectacular! Not only did Priya's team earn 300 points overall (there are 400 total in a round) but my lil' sis answered both a history and a mythology question, which are outside of her primary category, grammar!

Rumors about this whiz kid were flying as Kenneson, Michael, Ian, and I went to the food court for a second lunch, where Velchik attempted to arrange my marriage on the spot.

Kenneson and I escaped to General Assembly all too willingly, and were ecstatic when Nora's scrapbook for Virginia won first place! After GA, we enjoyed the most hilarious luncheon with Morgan, Nora, and Niz, during which we laughed harder than we ever have in our lives. Kenneson's antics paired with the 'tude of these girls had all in hysterical tears.

This act was followed by the "magical" performance of Virginia's three teams in round three of certamen. All three teams will be entering the semifinals, and the upper and novice teams are seeded first in their respective levels -- quite a feat, to be sure!

We raced from this euphoric round to get changed for the dance, which is dramatically different from yesterday's for the presence of Mr. Chen, who not only boasts indescribable moves to every popular and not-so-popular song in English, but also is a very impressive salsa dancer!

Please wish our certamen teams luck in tomorrow's semifinal round, which will determine whether or not they enter the finals and are eligible for this year's championship title!

Pax, amor, and Latinitas to all.

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  1. That's awesome news! Congratulations to all the VA teams! I am thinking about you all and wish I could be there to cheer you on! :) Please give them all my best!!!