Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Diēs CCCXXVIII: "I know who's driving the bus of this conversation."

Priya and I got up at 6 today to get ready for the unpredictable one-week adventure that will leave me little time to write, and the luxury of only one photo per day -- National Latin Convention!

We set out for Winston-Salem with a Wawa break for me to stock up on all the sugar and caffeine I could and a Burger King break for Mr. Andino to comment on how I, as my mama says, "talk more and eat less" at meals.

After I'd caught up with Varlet News and watched Priya dominate some grammar tests, I tried in vain to sleep . . . for four hours. My efforts were fruitless and I arrived at Wake Forest a "wasted toddler."

The sight of my room blew my mind. The SCL dorm, South Hall, resembles a hotel, complete with marble floors, flawless air conditioning, and super fancy towel racks!

After settling in, we set out for dinner, which I ate twice with two different groups of Latin people. Post cenam, Wooj and I went in search of a room for novice level Certamen practice before we encountered, and I was sorely ignored by, THE Daniel Kim and James Jang.

I now sit by the quad as Patrick and Nizar rehearse their trumpet and beatbox routine for the talent show. Looking forward to practice and fellowship and post-fellowship wandering! AHHH JCL!

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