Thursday, July 12, 2012

Día 315: "¿Ustedes van a ir de rumba?"

Today, I learned that when people say "you should always have an umbrella in Bogotá," they mean it.

I walked to work in the drizzle and Diana and I zeroed in on the part of the business plan we’d be focusing on today, Situation Analysis.

Mauricio treated me to a farewell lunch at Mini Mál, a really cool fusion restaurant with lamps made out of colanders.

We enjoyed their fabulous cuisine as Mauricio told me part of his life story, and got me a cuaderno made from a recycled record as a memento of “favorite colleague.” So cool!

After lunch, I went back to yesterday’s salon to ask Angela to touch up a few of my nails, which I had chipped during the scramble to Spanish class yesterday. I suppose this “revisit” to KisMi made me worthy of my nickname princesita.

In the afternoon, Diana and I continued to map out the business plan as it started to pour outside. I walked home and arrived with my galoshes (i.e. ballet flats) soaking wet, and immediately went in for a hot shower.

I’m warm, meditated, and ready for dinner out with Diana, Fredy, Kate, and Juan Pablo!

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