Friday, July 6, 2012

Día 309: "Ella toma y yo le traigo."

Having saluted both the sun and Eckhart Tolle this morning, I set out for the office. I picked up the pace and tried to plow through the preliminary research for Mauricio, hoping to finish my classification of the first 11 corporations as potential partners of the Magdalena River Project based on the following criteria:

I really enjoy doing this sort of research because I get to learn a lot about these big companies that I wouldn't otherwise know much about, while also practicing my Spanish while on their websites. I am proud to report that I don't use Google Translate as much as I used to!

For lunch, we went to a very unorthodox location -- McDonald's! I am surprised to say (to Mao's chagrin) that today's was one of my favorite "Colombian" meals. I headed straight for the Antojos Colombianos (Colombian Cravings) menu and ordered a McPollo Hogao and a side of empanadas. That's right, mini empanadas that come in the same bag as a small fries. ¡Man, I'm going to miss this!

The reason we were at McDonald's is that Diana's mom and niece (Juana) were there! Pictures cannot capture the cuteness of Diana's relationship with her niece. They seem at times like mom and daughter, and at times like twins. When Juana asked Diana what Kate and I do at TNC, she replied something along the lines of, "Kate is doing research on hydropower while Ratna's job is to make jokes." I think her explanation was pretty accurate.

Back at the office, I got into serious research mode, determined to finish the first "batch" of organizations before this weekend. Meanwhile, I surprised Eva with the amount of water I drank, downing basito after basito of aguita as I churned out the work. I'm happy to report that I finished my report on 11 organizations, and probably gulped down about the same number of glasses of water.

Back home, I took a nap before my Spanish class. Today, we learned imperatives, a topic absolutely essential for one as petulant as myself. Interestingly, the chapter started with a sample dialogue between doctor and patient which closely resembled one I have had with various medical practitioners at least ten times this year. The doctor says, "you work too hard. You need to rest more. Take some time off!"

Well, I listened to the cartoon doctor's advice and canceled salsa plans with colleagues to stay home and rest. Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow.

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