Día 312: Question everyday.

Like most mornings here, today's was majestic. After my daily routine, I made my way to the office, where Diana and I soon realized we were wearing a common dress code of solid colored t-shirt with black sweater, pants, and shoes.

We spent the day formulating responses to comments on our proposal to the International Climate Initiative, from the ICI itself. This mostly entailed elaborating on answers Diana had already written, but also involved a bit of research on Fundación Alma and the Fondo Adaptación.

For lunch, we went to Oma, a bakery and cafe with a wonderfully illustrated menu.

There was a dessert there called "fiesta infantíl" (infant fest), which Diana and Kate both agreed I should order based on my high-pitched voice, cartoonish Spanish interjections, and overall antics. However, I kept it classy and had an enormous pasión de caramel ice cream dish for dessert.

We spent lunch discussing the fate of the beautiful Magdalena River, whence comes the cumbia.

After lunch, Diana and I finished up our work relating to the proposal before she went home, and I spent some time catching with Mauricio on the latest and greatest in his life. Soon, it was time for me to drag myself home to my Spanish class, where I forced Mario to teach me the last 10 chapters of my book (which has 23 chapters total).

After a very loud class (my fault), I slowed it down with some meditation before enjoying my Avelina-made ajiaco.

Dormiendo, dormiendo, dormida . . .


Song of the day: http://youtu.be/Pfsf6jFPpuA

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