Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Día 307: My days have deadlines.

in SpI woke up at 6 for some strange reason, to find Elena Auntie working. I wished her "buena suerte" and she me "buenas noches" as I went back to sleep for a second time. I woke at 8, my normal time, to yoga and breakfast.

At work today, I continued to read the background information needed to developed TNC's corporate platform, while my beautiful colleagues prepared for this afternoon's meeting with the Adaptation Fund.

Lunch was consumed at a place called "Esta Es Una Panaderia" -- literally "This Is A Bakery." And a bakery it was, one with delicious pan de chocolate!

After some more work and a sighting of José Yunis this afternoon, Diana and I went out to enjoy the descuentos abounding at Andino Mall this time of year. I caught a bit of yellow fever (and cosumermania), buying 5 items, out of which 3 were yellow.

The most notable of these items is a purse purchased to replace my old bag, to which Mauricio refers as "las cortinas" or "the curtains."

After our shopping excursion, I was running late for my already-postponed Spanish class! I bounded through the shadows in my tights and ballet flats, and made my way panting into my lesson. During class, we read a recent article published in Spanish about the río Magdalena in an Avianca Airlines publication.

This piece happens to be on page 113 of the magazine, and we also happened to arrive at page 113 of my Spanish textbook today -- what luck!

Viewing an evening potentially littered with an array of irksome tasks, I did exactly what one should do when she has a lot of work -- put it all aside and meditate instead. A bit less agitated, I start this post with a long night of chores ahead . . .

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