Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 322: I'll be there.

I made the executive decision this morning to take a preemptive sick day in anticipation of the unpleasant news the tickle in my throat could bring me if I didn't heed its warning.

Early in the day (as in at noon, when I woke up), I received my housing assignment for next year! I will be living in Greenough 311, with Eliza Chang as my roommate!

The next quite-a-while was spent connecting with other people in Greenough Hall and in the Class of 2016 -- what a fun way to get excited for school! The only way to get even more excited was to take a mathematics placement exam.

This fortunately didn't take me long, as I remember little of math beyond algebra (and even that's a stretch) from school. After the test came lunch, mindless television, and attempts at rest. When I found myself exceedingly exhausted but unable to sleep, I decided to bring some life into my life by taking my placement exam in biology!

I finished this 1.5-hour exam in 30 minutes, again due to having completely forgotten this material from junior year. Because I was so "efficient" in doing this, I decided to knock my chemistry exam out of the way as well (15 minutes of picking answers at random).

I promise I'm not a slacker! I am, however, getting sick, feeling nervous and excited for next year, and adding myself to as many Latin American student groups as possible. :)

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  1. Please feel better soon, Ratna! I'll be praying for you-for the coming year and everything. You are going to be great! And THRIVE! :)