Day 327: I see the sunny side too soon.

I started this morning by working with Alex some more, doing "reps" of what we've learned so far, and adding some adjectives into the mix. This guy is getting so fast!

A highlight of my morning was the "teaching injury" that I sported at the end of it, a finger gashed open from hitting my hand on a sharp corner of the board while drawing an over-enthusiastic arrow. I also enjoyed admiring the shirts being decorated by Priya's Certamen team.

During lunch, I compiled a key of the opening lines of several of Catullus' Carmina, to help students remember which numbers match up with which key words and ideas.

In the afternoon, I played against the upper team as Evan tried desperately to get me to take a photo of him for my blog (eventually unsuccessfully).

Back home, I tried for two hours to sleep, but my brain just wasn't feeling it. Perhaps I was too excited to see my favorite artist, Ingrid Michaelson, perform at Wolf Trap tonight!

Ingrid's voice is chilling and stunning, and hearing her live had Zane Akhi looking over at me every few minutes to make sure I wasn't crying. My only regret is that I hadn't familiarized myself with some of her newer tunes, but I can't complain, because she closed with The Chain.

After not-so-politely skipping a substantial portion of Rufus Wainwright's performance, we dropped Zane off and headed back home, where Priya and I are finishing up some last-minute purple and gold packing.

We leave for Latin Convention tomorrow -- euge!

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  1. Thanks for planning the great evening for the family, Ratna :) It was lots of fun - Ingrid, of course, but also the conversation with Zane in the car, before and after the show!

    And you do sing "the chain" at least as well as Ingrid.... don't take my word for it - just ask her.