Day 321: People are my hobby.

After last night's intense and slightly wacky workout, I awoke this morning sore and worried -- about having to compete against my Latin robot of a sister at Castra today!

We played on opposing teams in the morning and when she had answered 4 grammar questions to my 1, I thought it best to stomp out of the room rather than burst into Latin expletives!

Varlet #1 made the morning a bit brighter by visiting his Latin family wearing a t-shirt that happened to match that of Varlet #0 exactly. 

I gave it another go against the Priya Monster in the afternoon and didn't really perform much better. I'm so proud of this kid. 

I went from Castra to the metro to head into the district and meet up with Ben Roth! We enjoyed lattes and bygones as the clouds threatened another crazy storm. 

The skies improved their mood though, and we perched cautiously on wet benches in DuPont Circle to watch people walk by as we chatted about Colombia, China, and college. Can't wait to see this kid again!

I now chill in Chinatown waiting for my girl Jessie to join me at Busboys&Poets for their open mic night . . . 

We sure do love us our poetry!

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