Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 326: You do the melting.

Today was quite a busy day at Castra! As the Certamen teams went out on a movie field trip to socialize, I slogged away, tutoring and actually getting some grammar questions against the intermediate players. Alex and I discovered the predicate nominative today, and reviewed some more familiar concepts.

After a day's worth of work (including playing on the "rust belt" team with Woojin), I was rewarded by Zane Akhi, who dropped by FHS just to say hello!

We gushed about our summer adventures, I about Colombia and he about a program for business and entrepreneurship in which he recently participated. I'm so happy I got a chance to see my little brother!

Today must have been fictive kin day! As Zane drove away, Tierney picked me up and we went out for my second Cosi Bombay chicken salad in . . . two days. Talking to her is always inspiring and comforting -- I quaked over college qualms as my big sis spilled about her awesome (literally) job in the operating room at Inova Hospital. Tierney spends her entire day with people who have been dangerously close to death, and had their lives changed by the treatments they receive at Inova. She is surrounded by their intense appreciation for being alive each and every day, and that is what she loves about her job.

Our talk wasn't all serious, though! We shared cupcakes and anecdotes about older sibling woes at Red Velvet -- I'm rediscovering Reston through this girl!

Back home, I fell over shortly and slept for a spell before arising to cries of "dye my hair!" from Priya. This gruesome blue mess was worth it though, as the results are pretty cool!

I'm sleep deprived and must stock up on somnus before the advent of Latin Convention later this week. Bonam noctem!

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