Friday, July 27, 2012

Diēs CCCXXX: "Your sister is phenomenal."

Sometimes, you have to start your day twice. I arose reluctantly at 6 this morning to moderate for open certamen, only to arrive at the designated location and learn that the number of helpers was already sufficient. Grumbly at having woken up so early, I dragged my feet back to my dorm and slept for somewhere between another two and four hours.

Eleven seemed like a good enough time to head out for lunch with some SCLers before the first General Assembly of the Senior Classical League. When some serious secret SCL business had been discussed, I wandered into Starbucks with Taylor and we caught up on our respective Convention experiences thus far.

It was then time for the Spirit competition, a torrent of noise and surprisingly coordinated motions which was even more spectacular to observe from the balcony overlooking Wait Chapel. At the end of the assembly Taylor and I hurried to submit our entry to the JCL texting competition. I may have forgotten much of my Latin, but my thumbs are fast as ever!

After GA, Taylor and I hurried to our dorm to watch the opening of the 2012 Olympics, and were caught in a patchy downpour of rain en route. It turned out that the ceremony wasn't showing yet in the US, so we dried off and going to practice against Priya's certamen team instead.

It's not like the team let us answer any questions, though. The novice kids destroyed us in practice. I experienced one of the proudest moments of my life as Priya "Priam" Gill, MY little sister, sat there and absolutely demolished me. I was almost as nervous as the players over dinner, just before their first round of competitive certamen.

Priya and I sat together as we watched the upper and intermediate teams play challenging rounds against their respective competition, all the while holding our breath as my soror amor prepared to compete.

This girl amazes me constantly! She answered five toss-up questions (out of the twenty in one match) beautifully and gracefully, even though the round got off to a slow start for Virginia. I, as her sister, earned a fair number of compliments for her performance -- not a bad deal!

Straight after the round, Ms. Graham and I rushed to chaperone tonight's "Hades Cave Rave" dance. It's an interestingly awkward experience from "the other side," and quite a bit of a disappointment after the salsa clubs of Colombia. At least they've played a few songs with Latin beats! My sister currently rocks out with a circle of friends around her as I sit in a corner and type this post. A long night lies ahead . . .

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