Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 323: Where's the proof in you?

I arose this morning to another day of Castra, the highlight of which was when Michael, Priya, and I competed against one another over grammar questions. We were soon joined by Mrs. Schearer, Mr. Chang, and Mr. Williams respectively, which made for an exciting match (Adam and I were creamed decisively).

The upper team and I also went over the "research" I had assigned them on tantum singularia, tantum pluralia, monoptotes, diptotes, heteroclites, heterogenous nouns, and irregular comparison of adjectives.

In the evening, Priya and I took a lengthy nap, went for a short walk, and went shopping! We found cute "toga dresses" and stuffed our faces at Panda Express -- a successful excursion!

My sister now requests to embark on a grammar adventure, but all I want to do is sleep. Some things never change!


  1. hey, not creamed decisively! we mounted a nice comeback (50 points in the final 5 questions!), sed eheu, it was too little too late

  2. Yes, but between Chang and Schearer, who won? And 50 points in the last final questions is VERY impressive Ratna & Mr. Williams!