Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 324: Look at the pack on your back.

Some days just have trouble starting. Priya and I woke up crushed by fatigue this morning and politely enjoyed our hot cakes from McDonald's. We spent much of the morn in limbo, with Priya attempting to study while I tried to meditate myself out of my funk.

We finally ended up going to the mall with our cousin Divya! Highlights of our spree were chocolate-covered strawberries and four pairs of pants for Priya.

When we dropped Divya off, we got to see the adorable Tia and Taj. Backbends, handstands, and hilarious hula hoops resulted.

We made a stop at the grocery store on our way home, to pick up some Kool-Aid for our task of the night -- dying the tips of Priya's hair.

I'd been looking out to working out all day, so I did a zombie-jog on the treadmill before beginning this post. Time to paint Princess Priya purple!


  1. The fastest dash to McDonald's certainly got me out of my funk :) Got your "order", shouted from your room within 30 seconds from the time you woke up at 10:51, 9 minutes before the breakfast menu closes, was in my car at 10:53, in McDonald's drive through Q at 10:59, out at 11:03, and back home at 11:10. Took you another 10 minutes to amble downstairs to the dining table time I'll remember to give you a ride for that part too! :)

  2. I started to read your blog a few weeks ago. I would like to take my gap year next year, hopefully in South America. I'm looking at your photo and starting to get excited about this decision.