Diēs CCCXXXII: "I like your progressive feminist bob."

Today was a highly emotional day. I sprang from my bed this morning and raced to the food court to meet Priya for a sister talk before her semifinal round.

Let's just skip to the round. It was a mess. The most stressful and contentious round of certamen perhaps in history, Virginia left the room more than a little bit lachrymose, after having lost by one controversial question. The kids played classily though, and they have abundant accolades in their future. I am happy to announce that both the intermediate and the advanced teams made it to the finals!!

We needed some comic relief after the nail biting that came with watching the novice team play, so over lunch, Kenneson helped Michael draft the matrimonial that will be published in the Convention Ear tomorrow to set my arranged marriage to a "dapper Harvard student" in stone. Much laughing could be heard, as usual.

From lunch, we went to GA, where my level of exhaustion finally hit "euphoria" level and caused me to cheer the most illogical things at people onstage. Kenneson and I sported matching J. Crew catalogue outfits.

Dinner was next, followed by an academic awards ceremony which made Priya's sister proud and jealous as usual. I then headed off to practice with the intermediate team before claiming seats for That's Entertainment, the yearly talent show at Convention. My varlets and I spent most of the show trying to catch Kate Hattemer's attention, and now await our late-night state fellowship meeting. I can't believe there's only one day of Convention left!

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