Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Día 314: Si eu te pego . . .

I was very juiciosa last night and did as much packing as I could, while excluding from my suitcase four pre-planned outfits for the remainder of my time here. My fingers are crossed that I'll be able to travel with just one bag!

I awoke this morning singing, "ayyy, mi Cuba," and made my way to the office. Diana and I continued to collect our thoughts for the business plan today, and Kate pointed out that I possess no middle ground between shouting and whispering. Perhaps my volume was induced by the brigadeiro-flavored treats that Diana brought us. Or perhaps I'm just loud.

For lunch, we all enjoyed our respective favorite cuisines in the food court at Andino. Mauricio ate his chicken with gloves as Rosario inspected her luxurious plantains.

After almorzando, Kate and I went to KisMi, a salon near the office, for five-dollar manicures and six-dollar pedicures.

My beautician, Angela, gave me the fastest mani-pedi she's ever delivered in her life, as I was counting the minutes before I had to be home for my last Spanish lesson. Today, Mario and I visited the Museo del Oro, which boasts a huge collection of pre-Hispanic gold artifacts.

Even despite my lack of knowledge about jewelry, the place is quite a marvel. I was especially fascinated by the gold shells, while Mario enjoyed drawing my attention to all the frogs in the place, because my name resembles the word for "frog" in Spanish, rana.

We also identified three Spanish words whose pronunciation I constantly forget:

1. joyería - jewelry
2. lagarto - lizard
3. almojábana - this pastry thing

The drive from downtown was delightful, and Mario reviewed my homework from yesterday before leaving me to my dinner and my blog. I may not have learned to cook here in Colombia, but I've learned to make huge frozen masses of food resemble actual comida, by means of a microwave.

I'm chomping on my dessert of French fries now, and hoping to turn in for an early night.

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