Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 318: The world is all talk and my brain doesn't stop writing.

Today started (and is ending) with my work on Harvard's placement exam for expository writing, a requirement of all incoming freshmen. The assignment is humbling at best and terrifying at worst, an essay on commodification, or "the moral limits of markets."

60 pages of delicious reading.

This tedious toil started soon after my preparation of Colombian coffee for the family, and went on until we embarked on an exciting outing this afternoon.

Cirque du Soleil's tribute to Michael Jackson was a marriage of French creativity and Jackson's lifeblood. The troupe left me in awe of the human body, while Michael's music moved me to the bone. The second half of the show had an especial "let's-save-the-earth-and-abolish-racism-while-we're-at-it" message, which was very welcome to this little hippie. After the spectacle, we paid patronage to Mama's favorite place on the planet . . .

. . . and wandered through other parts of D.C.

I have little to report about the rest of our evening but a substantial amount of time spent on the treadmill as salty Spanish music blasted. I'm back to my readings now, delving into the issue of surrogate motherhood in preparation for the essay I am to prepare over the next few days. Looking forward to some Latin tomorrow!

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