Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 319: Old tensions take on new dimensions.

I decided to stay home today and do the responsible thing by finishing my expository writing placement exam for college before diving into the world of Latin, where I often lose myself.

I woke up this morning and had coffee and cupcakes with Mama before meditating shortly and plunging into my third reading for the paper, one on commodification of body tissues. I decided that the best way to start the essay was just to start it, and would like to quote from my embarrassingly shallow product a sentence inspired by Colombia:

"It may be the childish and somewhat capricious echo of a gap year spent in countries home to natural beauty beyond measure, but there is something about flying over the mountains of Bogotá and the wrinkles of the Magdalena River that makes one forget about the ecological services offered by the ecosystem and just think, 'wow, we need to protect that.' Certain types of beauty weren’t meant to be questioned or calculated, and therein lies the problem with commodification."

I perused the sources at length and began writing mid-afternoon, finally churning out a working draft by around 6. I decided to reward myself for my "hard work" by seeing my sister Laura this afternoon, and we fortuitously received an invitation to Zumba from the amazing Iman Karram at the same time!

The three of us enjoyed a very high-energy, rhythmic, Latin-inspired workout for an hour, with Iman dancing perfectly and Laura and I attempting to use enthusiasm as a substitute for dance abilities. It was satisfying to solidify my dip into salsa, while also dousing myself in sweat!

Soaked through and through, we raced to Harris Teeter and sprinted down the aisles looking for household staples (like ice cream) after the "we are now closed" announcement had been made.

Nothing like grocery store races to "catch up" with the best friend!

Back home, I scarfed down pizza and dished out stories about Colombia as Laura played the part of the model daughter my mother has always wanted. She shows off her Spanish talking to Brenda on Skype as I finish up this post. ¿Buenas noches?

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