Friday, July 13, 2012

Día 316: ¡No me extrañen -- volveré!

After my reading and irksome re-packing this morning, I drank in my last Bogotá walk to work -- for now. At the office, I finished my draft of the Situation Analysis section of the business plan I started yesterday, elaborating on institutional opportunities and challenges regarding the Magdalena River project. Go team Magdalena!

For my "last supper" (lunch in a food court), we made our way to Andino, arousing intense nostalgia of my first lunch here (*sniff*), although with my volume much louder and Diana's back muscles much tenser. A truly emotional moment came when I consumed my last almendras ice cream at Crepes & Waffles after lunch. ¡Tan triste!

Back at the office, I continued to massacre Diana's notes with neon colors as I began the Outcomes section of the plan, which tied my brain in knots as I wrestled with the best way to structure it.

Mauricio rescued me from this challenge by taking me out for a most wonderful coffee at Myriam Camhi, which we enjoyed at a most leisurely pace as I urged him to finish his cheesecake so I could return to my favorite girls.

I now sit in the otherwise empty office writing this post as Rosario and Diana, my lovely jefecitas, hack away at a budget proposal. I am not yet ready to say hasta luego to this beautiful pais -- and indeed, will not yet, as I have some spicy salsa plans for tonight!

¡Colombia, te quiero!

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