Día 308: "Preguntale a su almohada."

After my yoga and Power of Now this morning, Elena Auntie insisted on massaging my right foot, which is currently in extreme agony, supposedly due to the extensive walking this weekend in Cartagena. Nevertheless, her offer made me uncomfortable as it rendered me even more worthy of my nickname consentida -- clingy and super spoiled. Ay, dios mio.

Apart from its moral implications, my massage was divine, and I left for work with a newfound spring in my step. Upon arriving at the TNC office, I was happy to earn Mauricio's wholehearted approval of my new purse and matching yellow sandals. Thank you to Diana for picking out the bag!

I worked with Mao more closely this morning to brainstorm organizations for The Nature Conservancy's corporate platform. We selected 11 organizations from the 116 on the list for me to do some preliminary research on, and I spent the morning working on this task "during my breaks from helping Rosario and Diana." For lunch, we went to Andino Mall, discussing throughout the walk there, our meal, and the walk back which gender has an easier time selecting outfits. Kate and I argued that dressing is easier for men, but the ever-fashionable Mao had to disagree.

I left work right after lunch for a field trip with my Spanish teacher -- to Museo Nacional de Colombia! It was cool to stroll through the museum with Mario, who is an artist himself, but I think he was practicing his English a little more than teaching me Spanish. I also have a tendency to pick up on only the most peculiar words, so I ended up learning a lot of random interjections today, such as "¡sanbombas!" and "¡recorcholis!".

We took the bus back to my apartment and I set out to buy myself dinner and dessert from locations that required crossing as few streets as possible. So PanPa'Ya and Reposteria Maria Luisa it was. I'll miss the bakeries here more than almost anything else!

I'm getting ready to do a bit more research before calling it a night.

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