Friday, December 30, 2011

Smarter. Greener. Better.

Sooo I know I said I was off to bed about an hour ago, but I am proud to announce that I just read the last three articles in September's edition of Scientific American, a special issue all about CITIES! This is the first time I have read a magazine cover-to-cover, and I am feeling accomplished and enlightened.

Most recently, I enjoyed the feature piece where urban leaders and readers of the magazine were asked what innovations they think would make a city substantially more livable. The last blurb on the two-page pastiche is about Participatory Budgeting, which I was able to observe firsthand in Recife this October!

From an environmental standpoint, it's crystal clear that efficiency in cities is going to be a big hurdle -- and also a fun challenge. I can't wait to jump in. Wait up, World! I'm coming. :)

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