Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 93: I am a citizen of the present.

Fridays are exhausting! I read Shakespeare's 93rd sonnet on the way to the DMV this morning, where I realized I had forgotten any form of identification, and would therefore not be getting my permit today.

Papa and I then drove into DC, where Professor Gill gave Ramon and me a special lesson on Involuntary Resettlement, a really fascinating and important component of any economic development project, and one about which my dad knows and cares a lot.

Best classmate ever!!
In the afternoon, I went to Flint Hill. It was awesome to stop by and see Mr. Ifft today, fill him in on this crazy gap year, and hear about his school year so far. Before Certamen practice, my varlets and I graded some of their tests from Latin Convention -- and I got to teach a bit of grammar, which always makes me happy. It turns out I still remember Latin!

Conditionals are the greatest.
Then, Mr. Cosby and I met for the jam sesh to which we have been looking forward for a while now. We hope to record an album later this year, and are getting started on choosing songs and playing around with them. Below, you can watch a "sneak preview" -- our first crack at Norah Jones' "What Am I To You?"

Music is the best feeling I know and yes, my hands dance when I sing.

Finally back home, completely worn out, I took a shower and wrote a letter to Laura. I plan to help Priya with an essay before turning in for an early night.


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