Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 106: Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.

This morning, I went to Flint Hill to take a Latin exam -- I've really been missing assessments, and I've really been missing Latin, so there you go.

As I waited for my one o'clock exam, I paid Ms. Cardone a visit in the ceramics studio. There, she invited me to help her prepare for the Empty Bowls Project in January. It is a very powerful artistic initiative to help end world hunger, and all you Huskies should come out and support the Clay Club on February 11th, 2012!

I helped Ms. Cardone around the studio for a few hours before having lunch with my varlets and Mr. Andino (I also ran into Drew Wilcox -- the best way to make anyone's day). Before I knew it, it was time for my Latin exam.

The test itself was just what I needed -- four sight translations, three multiple choice passages, and two essays on works of Ovid and Catullus. I think I did pretty well, considering both the essays were on text I had not seen before (which was the fun part!). Mr. Chang and I are going to schedule a time to go over it -- gratias, Magister!

Taking an exam with Nizar staring at me was an interesting experience, at best.
When home, I started to unload dishes from the dishwasher, and unfortunately hit my head quite hard on the underside of a cabinet. Not the best strategy for getting rid of my constant headache! After resting for a little while, I read Sonnet 106 and prepared a playlist of Latin American music for the dinner we would be hosting tonight.

I then had a really good run in the basement before getting ready and jotting down a quick poem before dinner. At the party, it was great to see all of Papa's colleagues again! The highlight of the night for Priya and me was when Sophie, our ten-year-old friend, remarked that Priya seems older than me, because she is "casual," while I am more "crazy and active." I really enjoyed this description. :) Another fun moment was when Sarah, who is nine, drew a very accurate cartoon of me -- thanks, Sarah!

A spitting image of me, on my right.
Kids are awesome, and also wonderfully tiring, so Priya and I can't wait to hit the sack -- good night, readers!

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