Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 112: I'm still waiting in line.

Last night, I finally finished Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol! His books are great because they supply an encyclopedia-worth of information on history, language, and culture while also including blood-boiling suspense. This should go without saying, but these books really should be read at a stretch. (I made the foolish mistake of taking a multiple-day break just as the plot was reaching its climax. Oops!) The ending was great though, and zoomed out from the vicissitudes of the action novel to apply the book's themes to humanity as a whole. It's definitely worth a read, especially for DC-dwellers, and you'll fly through it if you're not silly like me!

Today, I got to see my girls Jennifer and Aimee. Each attends the perfect college for her -- Jen is studying nursing at the University of Pennsylvania while Aimoo is a dance major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. They both love Philly, and their adventures in school are beyond amazing -- after being regaled with their stories, I now can't wait for life post gap year!

I didn't have to fill them in on much, as they have been keeping up with my blog (they check to see if I've posted each night before going to bed -- thanks, guys!!) but it was nice to share some general (and rather rambling) observations about my year with them. Catching up with the friends with whom one has grown up is always a treat, and I wish you both the best for your second semester!

Jennifer and I spent the ride home talking about how cute Aimee is. When she dropped me off, I read my 14 lines of Shakespeare and 14 lines of Ovid before changing into some dance attire, for . . .

This afternoon, I had the privilege of a "private dance lesson" from danseur extraordinaire Iman Karram herself! (Today must have been my dancer day.) I had requested Iman over the weekend to show me some more moves that I could incorporate into the simple combinations I sometimes choreograph for myself at home. After arriving at her studio today, we first stretched, and then Iman performed several of her numbers for me. Next, she led me in a series of across-the-floor drills (with great feedback), and, lastly, taught me a dance to Katy Perry's Firework. I videotaped this last piece so I can work on it at home.

But I left with so much more than slightly-improved technique and a new dance to learn. Throughout the lesson, Iman narrated a number of the small considerations dancers have to keep in mind while performing, things an audience member would never dream they were thinking. In other words, good dancers make it seem so easy! This "behind-the-scenes" insight has made me admire and respect Iman even more -- thanks so much for our afternoon together, sis!

At home, I hit the treadmill before helping Mama format a newsletter that she plans to send to her real estate clients. Now that Priya and I are done hanging out in the pillow fort we just made under my desk, I think I am ready for bed. Can't wait for Day 113!


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