Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 119: But here I am, and here we go again.

Today was my Woojin day!

Awaiting my best bud this morning, I read Shakespeare's 119th sonnet. As I was about to head downstairs in search of something to eat, he arrived in time to introduce me to Panera's "Pick 2" special (and run some of Priya's personal errands, including collecting her glasses from the optometrist and fetching her lunch from Chipotle). I got to hear all about Hopkins from Wooj over our meal, and we discovered the purpose of life: to live. (This conclusion took longer to reach than one might think.)

Back home, Woojin and I had coffee with Priya and Genna (an opportune time for these three to ridicule my hair) before an extended jam sesh. Here is a sample, made possible by the wonderfully creepy team of little sister and little sister's friend:

Everyone already knows this, but today reminded me just how beautiful Woojin's voice is. Seriously, he's incredible and should be famous. Listening to him sing and having the honor of harmonizing with him are enough to make any day.

In the afternoon, Woojin left for work and Mama and I went out to run some errands. Once back, I worked out, read a bit of Ovid, and proudly displayed my Christmas present from HugeWooj in my room.

I noticed as I hung up my new Phineas and Ferb t-shirt that my bulletin board holds mementos from quite a few amazing people I have been able to see recently, including a postcard of Sacred and Profane Love (one of Woojin's and my favorite art pieces); a photo with Mike, Imran, and Erik at Latin Convention; and a dance recital program autographed by Iman Karram -- whom I got to see tonight!

As "payment" for the amazing dance lesson I recently received from Iman, I walked her through the Writing and Critical Reading sections of the SAT this evening. Would it be nerdy to say this was the most fun I had all day? Seeing this standardized test from another's perspective was super interesting -- it was awesome watching countless metaphorical lightbulbs pop up above Iman's head, and we were able to identify cool "hints" and strategies I wish I had known when I was taking it!

Spending time with my little sister is always a blessing, and I can't wait for our next "class."

With work and play out of the way, it's time to catch up with my Priya. Good night, folks!

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