Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 105: "Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art."

I woke up today feeling a bit under the weather (yesterday was looong), so I took the day off from work and spent most of it resting.

I read Sonnet 105 (which is cute) in the morning, and then started to wrap some holiday gifts.

After Priya and I helped Mama fetch some groceries, I learned that the original Hindi tune Melvin and I were working on last weekend is now up on YouTube -- I'd love to hear what you all think of it.

(I have also made a section at the right which I will update regularly to feature my "latest musical project.")

Beth Pope (Melvin's manager, Katie Pope's mom, and a friend of our family) dropped by in the afternoon to deliver a CD with two more original songs Melvin has been working on. I'll start working on lyric-izing them soon!

In the afternoon, I received a phone call from Manpreet Masi! She was calling to congratulate me on my 100th gap day and commend me on my first Hindi recording -- she was really happy to see me branching out. Thank you, Mow Masi!!

I then became very antsy, as tonight is the day that Early Action results are released from many colleges. I was very eager to learn how my high school senior friends would fare, and a light workout turned into a longer one (by my lowly standards) as I tried to distract myself and pass the time. I am still waiting on results from a few of them, and wish them all the very best through this trying process.

After helping Priya prepare for her English exam, I plan to read some more Dan Brown and pray some more for all my friends.


Since I am not currently connected by Facebook, I would love if people who'd like to share would send me their college news by email at -- good luck, my seniors!!

POSTSCRIPT: I just learned that a book I had ordered and was awaiting with baited breath for many months, Will Durant's The Story of Philosophy, has been lying on the desk of my darling sister for all this time, without my knowing it. THANKS, PRIYA. Anyway, I am now in the process of devouring the introduction.

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