Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 115: All I want for Christmas is Ū.

I arose today to morning yoga and an intense, all-encompassing Christmas prayer. (If you are reading this, I probably prayed for you.) After Sonnet 115 and a page of Ovid, Priya and I watched a variety of Christmas specials on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Big Time Rush is a fast favorite of the Gill sisters.

Feeling marginally less lazy now, we rearranged some furniture in our living room to make Priya's piano more central -- new sibling music videos to come!

Mama and I then embarked on a "click-and-run" drive through the Town of Vienna, collecting photographs for her Facebook page called "Live in Vienna, Virginia" -- y'all should "like" it! Driving around for more than an hour on zero fuel and even less engine oil was quite an adventure for our nerves.

Back home, I spent a few fun hours writing questions for the Flint Hill Certamen before a relatively rigorous workout and personal preparations (primping) for dinner tonight.

The Christmas dinner we attended was a pink-and-blue-themed party at the home of our wonderful family friends the Setlurs. The night was very merry, full of yummy Indian food and great friends old and new. One highlight for me was meeting UVA senior Anisha Gorur, who is also born on November 2nd! I only know one other person with my birthday (I'm looking at you, Ms. Smerke), so we of course spent the rest of our conversation trying to find as many similarities as possible between us.

Ratna, Anisha, Roshni, and Priya flaunt the pink and blue.

And it was awesome, as always, to see the stunning Neha home from college in Canada! We had an all-around great evening. I now look forward to reviewing a dear friend's college essay before counting my blessings and calling it a night.

Lots of Christmas love to you all.

Song of the night:


  1. Did Priya get the Piano as a Christmas present? If so, that is really amazing.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you!! She has had it for a while now, but we just moved things around on Christmas. Same to you and your family, missy!

  3. Yeah for Nov 2nd birthdays : )