Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 114: Don't want no paper ganster.

I woke up wonderfully sore this morning (I love being sore) and Mama and I headed out to find me a pair of reading glasses! I was diagnosed in high school with computer vision syndrome (a fancy way of saying that I spend too much time staring at a screen everyday) and have finally ordered some glasses to lessen the strain on my eyes. In no time at all, I identified a pair that is sufficiently geeky, and we were all set!

They look weirder on my face, I promise.

Back home, Mama and I trekked around our neighborhood passing goodie bags out to our neighbors. I make such a good elf!

After thawing myself, showering, and reading Sonnet 114, it was off to Cosi (again!!) for a late lunch with RAckerman and Sienna.

We got that matching-college-sweatshirt-and-tandoori-chicken-sandwich swagger.

We had a great time, and when Ryan got jealous of me teaching Sienna Latin conditionals on the sheet of paper used to line my tray, he gave me a lesson on Spanish subjunctive and imperatives. Gratias, Raeane!

Si Raeanus laetus est, gaudeo.
Next, back at the ranch (i.e. my house), I worked out with Priya and then read enough Ars Amatoria so that my Ovid reading is exactly 100 pages behind my Shakespeare.

Having procrastinated on some work I need to do by writing to Laura, I now plan to continue the same by having dinner and a movie with my darling sister. Please don't put coal in my stocking, Santa!


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  1. Do you always meet people at Cosi???

  2. It would appear so!! The Bombay chicken salad is just too good!

  3. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed your lesson, even though I kept messing up XD

  4. I love Spanish! And you're a great teacher, Raeane. =)