Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 107: I'm already out of foolproof ideas.

This morning, the Flint Hill Classics Club helped at the Loudoun Holiday Coalition, a "store" where underprivileged families can do their holiday "shopping." Items are made available through donations, and volunteers guide shoppers through the warehouse to identify items that would make good gifts for their dear ones, which they can take at no cost.

The shopping period for this year is over, but our gang of Homeric Huskies helped to pack away the gifts that were not used this time. This meant lots of sorting, boxing, labeling, and carting!

After three hours of this (not that I had much energy to start with), I was ready to sleep for the rest of the day. However, I arose after two lazy hours, read Sonnet 107, and watched a light romantic comedy, It's A Boy Girl Thing.

I was, of course, skeptical of this film, but I ended up really enjoying it! (It was a more interesting version of Freaky Friday, in my opinion.) I may have even teared up a bit at the end when the boy tries to recite Shakespearean Sonnet 18 to the girl. Yes, I get "adorable attacks" sometimes.

I then headed downstairs for the most fun workout I have had in a long time. It probably had something to do with the superlative sequence of songs that played when my iPod was on shuffle today, but I just didn't want to stop exercising.

I eventually did stop, though, to get some groceries with Mama. We returned in time to watch the "rerun" of CNN Heroes (I was mistaken about the date last time).

Thoroughly teary and infinitely inspired, I now plan to sip on some pomegranate tea and dig out the Ovid to translate some Ars Amatoria before I "get the sleepies," as Daniel Kim would say.


Song of the day:

College shout-out: Enormous "¡FELICIDADES!" to my present blog reader and future classmate Jorge Bonilla -- proud of you, man.

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