Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 102: Aur mera ab kaam hai kya?

Today was basically divided into two segments -- studying with Priya and recording with Melvin.

After a hasty reading of Sonnet 102, Priya and I headed downstairs to our playroom/classroom, where I gave her quiz after quiz, helping her prepare for her Latin midterm exam tomorrow.

Having enjoyed a full morning of this, I looked over a friend's college essays and briefly chatted with Katie Pope before heading to the studio (also known as Katie's house). Melvin shared with me a song he had been working on all day, and I wrote some lyrics before we recorded it. After about a million takes, it's almost done (mad props to Matt, the magical musical engineer) -- and it should be on iTunes soon!

We then recorded Saagar Jaisi Aankhon Wali -- an old Hindi classic. Please click here to watch our recording -- this is a really pretty ballad from the Bollywood film Saagar, and Melvin is such a sport for enduring the crazy Indian music scale for the sake of this project. I hope you all enjoy it!

After returning home to show Mama my recording and quiz Priya one last time on her Roman history and geography, I'm ready to retire for the night!


Huge college shout-out to Britt Savage for her acceptance at Stanford University -- what a boss.

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