Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 110: No, there is nothing perfunctory about it.

I rolled out of bed pretty late this morning, and prepared to have coffee with two very special people -- my bros Nizzy and Woojin. Varlet #1 wanted the wisdom of Poppa Wooj and Momma Rat as he navigates the rather rollercoaster-like college admissions process. The get-together was fun and lighthearted, and gave me a chance to get on Woojin's nerves, as usual. (Of course, he and I coincidentally ordered the same drink -- syzygy status!)

I seem a bit more excited about my coffee frappuccino than he does.
Looking forward to seeing them both again soon, I returned home, where I read Sonnet 110 before finding my sister Laura online! We got to catch up for the first time in quite a while, and both dumped the latest and greatest of our lives on one another via Skype before it was time for her daily French lesson in Pallier.

Tu me manques beaucoup, ma soeur jumelle!
Priya and I worked out after this, and just as I had scrawled a piece about Starbucks this morning and was about to crack open my Ovid as a cool-down exercise, I received an exciting surprise visitor -- the infamous Mr. Chen! My bff dropped by just to say "hallo--er--salve" and be made fun of for his involuntary Indian accent. As is evident below, some jokes were made at my expense as well.

When good Latin goes bad...Kenneson Chen.
Kenneson and I concluded our usual externally inscrutable exchanges just in time to bid Papa farewell as he set off for India. Then, I finally did my Ovid reading before helping Priya prepare for her All-District Band audition. Having been through a few of these myself (though for choir), I assumed the role of adjudicator and walked her through a number of practice audition scenarios. What a band geek!

I plan to spend the rest of my evening attempting to write lyrics for the song I'll be recording with Melvin tomorrow, before settling in for a Spanish film with the hermanita. What a fun day spent with so many of my favorite people.

¡Buenas noches a todos!

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