Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 98: Only love can do that.

Today, I became a woman.

In other words . . .

This morning, I finally got my learner's permit!! (And registered to vote.) Hoorah!

After our trip to the DMV, Papa had a doctor's appointment. While waiting for him in the lobby, I read Shakespeare's Sonnet 98, wrote a LauraLetter, and started a Scientific American article called "All Climate Is Local."

At Sasha Bruce later in the day, I helped Vera continue to collect the many elements required for SBY's renewal of it's Child Placing Agency licensure. (What this basically meant was running between the admin building and the main building trying not to get my new non-rain boots wet.)

On the way to Flint Hill for the annual choral Christmas concert, I finally got to hear Laura's voice! We chatted on the phone for a few minutes before Skype failed us and we had to resort to email and our blog once more. Nevertheless, it was great to hear her cheery vocal chords at work!

Vocal chords were a theme of the evening. I arrived at school just as members of choir did one last run-through of some of the pieces to be performed tonight. As we awaited the beginning of the concert, I got to catch up with Trent Saiget, who is a truly great kid. I have always admired Trent for being well-rounded and extremely good-hearted (not to mention good-looking), but I learned today that he is also the epitome of a choir boy! As the newest addition to Flint Hill's choir, he was a bit anxious for his first choral performance -- but Trent was made to be a singer! It was really fun to see how into it he was tonight. Rock on, Trent!

The show itself was really enjoyable. I have been in more of these concerts than I can remember, but this year's was among the best ever!

The song selection was both fun and truly meaningful. My favorite playful piece was Keep Me Away From The Mistletoe, while my favorite "somber" tune was The Water Is Wide. I had always heard Ari Moledina rave about the latter, but only got to hear the beautiful lyrics for the first time today.

Of course, a highlight of the night was when Mama Maddox requested alums to come to the stage to sing Carol of the Bells, and I got to use that part of my voice that I, unfortunately, have not exercised since quite some time ago.

Speaking of Mrs. Maddox, what an incredible individual. Only today, when I wasn't singing, was I able to completely appreciate how much she truly, deeply cares about what she does. Of course, I've always known this, but taking a step back really allows one to see how passionate she is about music and her students. Only some of us singers know that she drives hours and hours over the weekend to accompany us to our district and state auditions; all we see from offstage is laurels earned. Few know that she goes to boys' sports teams' practices to recruit male singers; all we see from offstage is talented men enjoying music. No one was able to tell tonight that she was terrified she was going to fall off of the tiny teetering podium on which she stood; all we saw from offstage was love. It's inspiring how Mama Maddox puts all of herself into these shows, and I'm so happy I was able to be there with her tonight.

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