Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 118: "Just breathe."

Michael takes phenomenal photographs.
I woke up before noon today (egads!) and got ready to spend time with two of my favorite people. Michael Kenneth "Ranula" Velchik and I met Erik "Pep Talk" Fredericksen at Panera for coffee and long overdue catching up (too bad Imran "Errand Boy" Husain couldn't make it!). These two gave me some of the best college insights I've gotten, and really prepared me and pumped me up for Harvard next year! I now know what Freshman Seminar I'm taking, what clubs I'm avoiding, and what books I'm adding to my reading list. These boys have been my role models since I was a wee one, and it's awesome to always have them a few steps ahead of me, looking out for my next move.

Melvin had a field day with his new banjo.

After Mike dropped me off at home, I inhaled some lunch and read Sonnet 118, another one of Shakespeare's sorry excuses for cheating on his lover. Luckily, Katie rescued me from this literary misfortune by taking me over to the studio. The crowd there had very mixed feedback on my haircut -- Melvin asked me why I would do such a thing while Matt complimented the new "do." With these pleasantries (and unpleasantries) aside, we worked on "Lost And I Like It," which is our third original song, and my favorite.

After a philosophical ride home with Katie, I grabbed my book of Ovid and we set off again, this time for Priya's volleyball practice.

Her adorable friend Genna and I now sit in the viewing area chatting when I take breaks from translating. I can't wait to get home so I can work out, pig out, and conk out.

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