Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 104: Quelqu'un m'a dit que tu m'aimais encore.

This French toast tasted better than it looked.
I started this morning by scampering into the kitchen to make a birthday breakfast for Mama before she came downstairs. Her plate of French toast was almost complete when I was hit by one of the worst stomachaches I have had in a long time. I spent what seemed like forever writhing on the floor, floating in and out of nausea, dizziness, and excruciating pain. Needless to say, the day got better after this.

When this episode passed, and Mama had thankfully still not come downstairs, I finished assembling her tray, and presented her with her breakfast-almost-in-bed.

After she had enjoyed her toast and tea, Mama went to a meeting at work, leaving me some time to get further along in The Lost Symbol (it's so exciting!) and check my email. Two close friends had written to me with positive feedback about yesterday's (somewhat unusual) post, for which I am very appreciative.

It was then time to shower and prepare Mama's next birthday surprise -- a present I ordered for her from Harvard and a cupcake I picked up from Hello Cupcake yesterday. I also made her a "template" for a letter she has been planning to send to her real estate clients, which was actually a birthday card.

At this point, I guessed that the Madeira school day was probably over, and called up my role model and little sister, the beautiful Iman Karram -- the young lady who never ceases to amaze me, AND shares a birthday with my mom! I send her all my love for this coming year . . . and am looking forward to spending time with her over winter break!!

In the afternoon, Mama and I stepped out, hitting the mall, where she was able to redeem a number of the gift certificates sent to her for her birthday by the stores she likes to frequent.

At one of these stores, I met a girl with my dream haircut. I asked her for information about her stylist, and may be going in for a similar one soon. Fingers crossed that I have the courage -- it's really short!

We arrived home to a dinner of Thai food (our family's favorite) which Papa had ordered. After a meal full of Mama's stories about her day (one of her best birthdays ever!), I am writing this post in the interim before dessert.

Here's to many more, Mama!

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