Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 101: E vedrai scritto in core.

My goal for today was to do nothing at all, and I almost succeeded!

I spent the morning relaxedly reading The Lost Symbol, and starting a super secret project (which will be revealed later in this post) with Priya.

I paused from my reading at frequent intervals, to issue a most illustrative LauraLetter, share something I wrote with the same, and, most excitingly, talk with her on Skype for over an hour!

This was our first chat since the beginning of her travels that was uninterrupted by a fickle internet connection, and catching up with my soul put me in a supremely good mood for the rest of the evening. She filled me in on teaching her students the conditional tense (yes, such a thing exists in English) and I tried to explain Latin conditionals to her, obviously to no avail (though, I must say, I'm impressed by her grammar). Meanwhile, she and her roommate teased me with their flawless Spanish proficiency.

Hurt to the core by their ridiculing, I worked out briefly in the basement before Priya and I recorded our masterpiece. Click here to watch our video (the hair flip in the beginning was all Priya).  

Amarilli, mia bella is a song I first heard performed by Blair Jenet at the concert where I sang Alma del core two years ago -- and I instantly fell in love, with both his voice and the song itself. Today was the first time I focused on the lyrics, which basically say, "if you have any doubt that I love only you, take this arrow and pierce my heart, and you will see your name written all over it." If that isn't beautiful, I don't know what is.

I just read the super-confusing and ultra-logical Sonnet 101, and I'm now off to see some CNN Heroes. Doing nothing is fun!

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