Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 364: I don't like your silence.

My morning walk to Annenberg is not unlike those of my majestic mornings in Bogotá. I made the walk today to have breakfast with Kirin Gupta, a fellow member of the Class of 2016 who took a gap year also. Apart from our superficial similarities (Indian girls, drastic haircut-getters, Ingrid Michaelson fans, gap year-takers, Spanish enthusiasts), it was great to finally meet this chica and learn that like me, she's craaazy. We had a high energy breakfast full of laughs before I dragged her to a session called "Understanding Your Math Placement Score."

Although I still do not understand my math placement score, two wonderful things came out of attending this session.

First, I bumped into Javier Aranzales, Bogotá boy and ballet dancer with whom I'd exchanged some salsa obsession messages via Facebook earlier in the year.

Second, the three of us received news of our Freshman Seminar applications, and each was accepted into his/her top choice! I'l be taking Public Policy Approaches to Global Climate Change, a fact about which I couldn't be more excited.

After this looovely reunion, I gave my girl Laura a call en route to a morning meeting with my Academic Advisor. This was super fun and probably the best part of my day as I got to drool over courses that I'll be checking out during Shopping Week and gush about them to Elaine. My interests are all over the place, so in addition to the obvious Classics and Environmental Science classes, I'll be attending "sample" classes in Sociology, English, Economics, Philosophy, Portuguese, and the like.

After all this geeking out, it was time to fill in Varlet #1 on my time in college thus far. Nizar and I chatted via Skype, meaning that I gave myself a haphazard manicure while trying to recreate for him the magnificent lecture I heard on Tuesday. Soon, it was time to head to lunch (calling Mama and Nani on the way) and more devouring of the course catalogue.

After two plates filled entirely with vegetables, I stopped back at Greenough for a brainstorming sesh with the roomie about what she should take this semester. Running commenced again, as I flitted between Divisional Academic Fairs, visiting the buildings for Math, Engineering, and the Sciences to learn about the Environmental Science and Public Policy major, for Arts and Humanities to "socialize" with some Classics students, and for Social Sciences to find out what the heck Sociology is.

Soon, it was back to the room for more research before a very well done performance called "Sex Signals" delivered to educate freshmen about gender stereotypes and sexual abuse. The actors were absolutely terrific, and had Eliza and me laughing like never before.

Still in splits, we headed back to our dorm for a major heart-to-heart about high school and the transition to college life. We have the most interesting things coincidentally in common! (Not to mention that we inadvertently donned matching clothing today.) Time for some more roomie love and Skype with the sis!


  1. Make room. I'm moving in under your bed to attend your freshman seminar. JEALOUSSSSS!

  2. Sister, you can have my bed and I'll take the floor. COME LIVE WITH ME. I'm in a dream.