Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 340: My eyes are accommodating.

After Kenneson left yesterday, Laurita and I stayed up into the wee hours of the night watching the landing of the Mars Rover -- a success for which I offered Laura the heartiest of congratulations before passing out for the night.

We arose too early for Priya's liking this morning and my sisters accompanied me to the doctor to have my eyeglasses prescription settled once and for all. This business complete, we enjoyed a Potbelly lunch, complete with live music. A public service announcement: when you hear someone performing live, please give him/her attention and applause. One of my biggest fears is performing for an audience that isn't really listening -- it's terrifying. So keep that in mind!

Laura and I got our now-traditional parking lot picture (and some unwanted frozen yogurt) before she met up with Sonya and Michael, and we headed home to sleep. Priya and I dozed off for an hour before making history's quickest shopping stop at Target, during which Priya the Fashionable managed to buy a boatload of school clothes while I found one measly t-shirt.

We were racing through the store in order to be on time for our treat of the evening -- picking up Nani from the airport! Nani is here by special request of her favorite granddaughter, to help with college shopping (I can only shop with her) and drop me off at school at the end of the month!

I enjoyed hearing my Mama catch up with her Mama on the way home, and relished the post-workout dinner they prepared together more than words can express. (My enchanted antics at the table attempted to express my delight, though.)

Dishes and laundry followed, and then this post. I do believe it's Latin time now . . .

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