Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 337: At the end of the world, will you find me?

I have done nothing but try to sleep all day. This morning, Laura and I spent a good half hour in (almost) silence listening to Ingrid Michaelson, and then going on to reflect on the ways in which we've grown this year, and how terrified we still seem to be for university!

We had cake for breakfast, and while Papa and Laura discussed The Social Animal, I wrote a short review for my incredible former voice teacher:

Ms. Kunz is out to change her students' lives and to improve their views of the world. Her belief is that singing echoes life, and the principles nurtured as a singer are ones applicable to living. I especially appreciated her attention to detail, from full-body alignment to undoing arbitrary habits learned from elsewhere. She never let me sing a note that wasn't my best and didn't come from my heart, and for that I thank her.

After Laura left, I spent two hours trying to fall asleep (in vain) until a random Wendy's craving drove me from my bed.

Back from my frosty float and spicy chicken sandwich, I languished in bed for a while longer before our evening's entertainment arrived -- SAM!

Priya has been doing most of the babysitting (she's better with kids) as I continue to be lazy. Sam, however, is a bundle of energy, and his enthusiasm for our treadmill encouraged me to get on and log one measly mile for the day.

All the while, I listened to lyrical music (not meant for running) at a very high volume, which caused Sam to exclaim, "how can you stand all this noise?!"

I'm recovering from the din now, writing my blog while catching up
on Olympic highlights.

Song of the day:


  1. cake for breakfast?? and i get mocked for eating lucky charms at dinner ...

  2. While Reading this post, I see the words 'in vain' and I immediately start running through possible Latin translations (Nequiquam, Frustra, etc.)...Latin never leaves me...