Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 344: Where does the love go when it's gone?

After watching an enlightening ABC Family movie with Priya into the wee hours of last night, I woke up this morning to hyperventilate over my excitement at describing high school to her. As excited as I am to dive into this year's collegiate adventure, I can't help but be a bit envious that my sister gets to enjoy the teachers and rush through the hallways that I so love.

After spinach and cheese omelets, we left for an errand -- picking up my newly-adjusted glasses -- and some entertainment, in the form of a movie!

Step Up Revolution was a lot of fun, and I'd be totally down to see it again. But this willingness to re-watch is in part due to the fact that the low volume of the music emanating feebly through the theater allowed little enjoyment of the points in the various songs when the bass dropped. I hope the sound will be louder if I watch a second time!

We returned home and partook in our favorite activity for two solid hours before attempting to Indian-ify ourselves for dinner with our friends Tia and Taj tonight!

I'm with Priya and Tia now, writing this post as we stuff ourselves with truffles and prepare to return to the playroom!

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  1. Thanks Priya :) for agreeing to see Step Up Revolution after Ratna and I voted out the Ice-Age movie "2-1" in the car. And thanks Ratna for more than compensating for the low volume of the movie with the "slightly louder" music in the car (!). Between your "gentle" voice and our two favorite FM channels, our ears had no reason to complain by the time we got home after five hours of movie-watching and errand running :)'